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Yes, I am a Magickal Faerie

midsummer-night-fairy 2

Do you ever wonder why it is you don’t exactly totally fit in?  Do you ever unroll your yoga mat to find glitter on it?

I have wondered this a lot.  “What the bleep is the matter with me?”  Is one of the more harsh ponders.  A preferred thought thread is, “Wait.  What is that wild feeling inside of me?  Maybe I should go dance naked on the dewy grass at dusk to feed it.” I have found glitter on my yoga mat. And I have always loved faeries a lot.


me (today) with a mural painted by my mother in our washroom circa 1960


me working as a water sprite in the Renaissance Faires circa 1980

After careful contemplation and thorough investigation I have come to realize I am part faerie.  It is the most plausible explanation for why I, am I.

more nymph

me being me

Little explanation here.  Human folks can just be human folks.  But some believe that sometimes non human or animal beings  – like the faerie folk can incarnate as humans.  Usually to help the planet and its inhabitants somehow.  They do so love this earth!   I know two mermaids and think I may have met another one last night.

When you stop to think about this and look around, you may catch glimpses of them.  Turn on your spidey-sense and you may realize that the odd little dude at the bus stop is some sort of gnome.  Or your kindergarten teacher who always took you outside for extended recess was, without question – an air fairy, known as a Sylph.

Another possible category of  incarnation is those who have faerie blood. In the times long ago faeries commonly mingled with human folk.  And naturally there was more mixing and inter-marriages.  And  babies.  Little half fey (an oldie timey word for of the faerie) half human babies.  Then for various reasons (this is a really cool rabbit hole to go down) the faerie folk removed themselves.  But there bloodline remains.

This is the category I believe I am. Although it may sound nuts – It is the only plausible and logical explanation I can find for who I am.  Once I came out of the closet and embraced my fey  nature, and fully embraced it…  Well, I can’t say it has made things any easier.  Life is so challenging, is it not?  But definitely more fun.  People have responded surprisingly well to it also!

There are many different types of faeries.  (another awesome rabbit hole.)  If  you like podcasts you can listen to these. It’s a great place to start learning about the different types.  Fiona Broome (now there’s a fey name!) a real serious faerie scholar.  Check her out here.

I am not sure of exactly what type of faerie I may be.  Probably some sort of a water sprite.  More seriously silly research is required here. How does this effect me? As a faerie I NEED to spend time soaking up the earth’s energy.  Hanging out in nature is key.  Visiting with the other faeries out there.  But I am not a cold weather faerie, so winter in Chicago is rough.


Photo Bill Hagglund (we were going to take a pic of me but this faerie appeared instead, Bill was lucky enough to get a couple shots in.)

In fact my whole interest in creating botanical perfumes comes from my faerie cravings.  It is a way for me to bring the earth inside with me, and around with me in my urban life.  Those essences created of plant and other earth matter radiate vibrant earth energy.  Not only do they smell good, but they are powerful. ( Look at the fast rising interest in aromatherapy – it’s cuz it works!)

My fey blood also gives me an irrisistable thirst for creating and playing.  And an even more powerful thirst for freedom.  Mostly, the whole fey thing has been very healing in a spiritual way.  Acknowledging my wild self has opened a door to a beautiful, magical world in what often feels to me like a rigidly, unwholesome, corporate prison.  I continue to deepen my connection to this part of me and move more towards freedom and wholeness.

Perhaps you are starting to recognize your own fey nature? Perhaps you’d like a faerie meet-up? It is actually quite easy to connect with a faerie.  You can build a little house in your garden or inside your home.  Leave little gifts for them – cheese, whiskey, nuts are favorite faerie fare.  Or just sit or walk in nature, and invite them to visit you.  You may not see them directly, perhaps a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of your eye.  Perhaps you’ll hear just a hint of a whisper of them through the wind in the trees.

Mostly you can feel them.  Luxuriate in their presence.  And you can politely ask them for help.  Like, “Please faerie,  clear out the cobwebs in my shoulder, or clear a path in my confused human brain that I may see and hear better my inner vision/guidance.”  But don’t let them boss you around!!!  It’s not advisable to be faerie-led.  Remember to do kind things for the earth in their honor as a thank you.  Pick up some trash, plant a tree or flower…

And there is a live faerie community you can connect with also.  Satiate your curiosity with  festivals, study, and all sorts of fun things. Here’s some ways to get connected:

David Spangler communes quite a bit with subtle beings including faeries.  He was involved with The Findhorn Gardens.  His organization is Lorian.  He knows all about subtle beings.  I’ve taken a class with him.  Really great.  Currently I am re-reading his book, Subtle Worlds: An Explorer’s Field Guide.

Maybe you’ll travel to Scotland and visit Findhorn.  Pack me in your suitcase for this adventure, pretty please.

Faerie festivals include the Maryland Festival, which I”m going to next week!  Hope I’ll have some exciting news and photos to share.

Also the glamorous Faerie Worlds Festival organized by the Froud clan.  With live music and artists everywhere.

Finally there is the gentle Faerie festival in Portland.  The Fairy Congress, where there are lots faerie loving activities and informative workshops.

And there are tons of books!

So, are you a faerie?  What else would you like to know about faeries?  Do you have any photos to share?  Sightings to report?

doreen the wood nymph

Thanks so much for reading

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