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Autumn Color and Alpha Waves

Seeking autumn color, Missy and I visit forests and beaches between St Joseph and South Haven. We were rewarded with some stunning color! So here is the 2nd installment of Road Trip videos on Michigan's Blue Star Highway.

May this video provide you the experience of a calming nature drive and walk. The sound and music selected is designed to enhance an Alpha brain wave state - a soothing and light meditative state of mind.

So I suggest you brew a cup of herbal tea, put on your head set, and absorb 13 minutes of calm. (I picked 13 because it's my lucky faerie number and my favorite amount of time to meditate)

We visited:

Black River Preserve

Van Buren State Park

Covert Park

Roadside Park

Hagar Park

All licensed music and sound from Epidemic Sound.

I hope you enjoy!


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