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Our Faerie Tale

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Doreen Stelton

the Verdant Faerie

Doreen can be mostly found in nature "indulging her Fae ancestry."   She creates botanical perfumes as a path to join the beloved worlds of Faerie and nature and offers this path to others as a transformational tool... She believes it is in “imaginal-liminal” spaces of being, that we realize our true beauty and vitality.

Here at Verdant Faerie we (the Fae and I) seek to inspire; a dip into the Imaginal Realm and a transcendent journey into the beautiful, invisible world of scent.


Our complex Eau de Parfums and playful contemporary Perfumes in Oils are artisanally crafted in wee Tinkerbell sized batches using all natural, ethically sourced, faerie approved ingredients.  No synthetic aroma-chemicals or questionable ingredients like phthalates or parabens get past quality control.  The idea of testing on animals is enough to throw the entire enchanted realm into a major rebellion, so you won’t find that here, and the majority of our perfumes are vegan, except for some beeswax here and there (these are noted for your convenience).

Botanical perfumery is mercurial.  The elements affect plants and each plant is a fresh expression.  The availability of other raw materials also varies.  As does the whim of the perfumer!  We love to explore new formulations and creations.   This whimsy is part of the beauty and mystery of botanical perfumery.


We also encourage play in the Imaginal Realm, the plane of dreams and visions where creatures and spirits not readily visible on the material plane may be found.  It is a place in which we reach towards the higher stratums with our hearts and mind's eye.  A middle ground.

Experiences in the Imaginal are just as real as our experiences in the material/physical world. Our experiences in the Imaginal Realm affect our material life.  Imaginal experiences shape our personal evolution and our lives on this physical plane.


Our Imaginarium is a shifting pool of images, of light, color, and shadows, ever evolving -- an alchemist's burrow.  More than a chemistry experiment aimed at turning base metals into gold.  We are alchemists concerning ourselves with the transmutation of the soul.  After all, here is where true riches lie.  In alchemy we may combine the material with the Imaginal to grow "gold" in our soul.

Videos, images, and guided imaginal meditation journeys may be found here.  Gatherings and meetings of faerie and mortals to follow!

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