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Meet My New Friends

This is a very special-to-my-heart vlog in support of my soul friends over at Anam Cara Stables.

I hope you will enjoy watching this video as much as I loved making it. And that the magic of these horsies (and a mini donkey) with the sincere and kind people I have met at Anam Cara translates for you.

I have never tried to film horses, and just wasn't sure how it would go. But I was pleased with the result. I think their magic shines through. I also gleaned much about horse language by watching the films later! A fascinating process.

Some interesting horse and Anam Cara synchronicities have been going on, to cap off the synchronicities, I was cleaning up my inbox and stumbled across an old email from my friend musician Bryan Clarke Lubeck. In it I discovered a beautiful rendition of "All The Pretty Little Horses." When I asked Bryan if I could use it, he generously agreed and even re-recorded it for me within 24 hours! If you are not familiar with Bryan and his music yet, you will want to be. Here's his website - Bryan Clarke Lubeck. Bryan is also fun to follow on Facebook

You may discover more about Anam Cara Stables HERE. Maybe I'll see you some Saturday morning at a meditation with the herd!

AND!!! I am excited to announce my fundraiser for Anam Cara Stables. 50% of every bottle of my Anam Cara perfume sold will be donated directly to the Stables. (Excluding the 1ml sample size).

Please consider helping me support Anam Cara Stables by purchasing a bottle of Anam Cara Perfume. You will find it HERE.

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