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Fae on Friday – Full Moon White Hart

Wild Moon


I ha' seen them 'mid the clouds on the heather.
Lo! they pause not for love nor for sorrow,
Yet their eyes are as the eyes of a maid to her lover,
When the white hart breaks his cover
And the white wind breaks the morn.

‘'Tis the white stag, Fame, we're a-hunting,
Bid the world's hounds come to horn!’

-Ezra Pound

This blue moon of July why not follow a White Faerie Hart where it bids.  Yup, a wild and sacred ride into and through the otherworld…  The phantasmagorical awaits…



This ancient faerie spirit of the Celts loves natural sniffs.  Mmm, here are some lovely aromatics to accompany the journey.

Anya’s Garden Perfumes has a perfect full moon floral, Moondance.  Moondance whirls a complex seductive blend of narcotic flowers on a deliciously soft sandalwood and ambergris base.

Astral Projection by the perfumers For Strange Woman couldn’t be a more delightful companion on your spirit ride.  A scent blended especially for sleep travel of lemon myrtle, chamomile, lavender, valerian and clary sage.


The Flower above (and in the moon) is Queen Anne’s Lace.  The little black center is a portal to the faerie world.  I love that little bee…

Hopefully Missy won’t be wearing skunk.  There’s plenty of em wandering around our neighborhood in Chicago at night.  She nearly got sprayed just last night!  Here she is contemplating the moon…


Gentle Reader, have you ever been on a journey with a white stag?

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