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Remembering Missy

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

It is 5 months since I lost this beautiful girl, and even longer (a year?) since I have posted anything here. Yes, Missy has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. And I've been in the garden, I've been in mourning, But I've been just fine.

I will do a proper catch up soon... In the meantime here is a remembrance of Missy who passed peacefully at home in my arms on July 16, 2023 just 2 months short of 17 years old.

She was my devoted best companion and we had a unique understanding. I will miss her friendly ways, her mystique, and her subtle intelligence. Somehow managing to embody being loyal, stubborn, and gracious she made us laugh and smile. Most impressive to me was Missy’s ability to evolve. She transformed from a shy, cautious, homebody teenager, when we adopted her at seven months old, to the curiosity-driven reluctant adventurer she became.

Missy was selected by my son, Miles, who did a most excellent job of recognizing that this awkward and beautiful creature was for us. I am grateful for his judgement and I am grateful to the creator for sending the earth (and me) such an exquisite gift.

Missy had a long, happy life, so I do not regret for her. But I will miss her presence shadowing me about the house and the yard and on all of our many woodsy adventures upon which she reluctantly joined. Her wisdom and unique character was celebrated in a wee memorial ceremony.

Here is a short video featuring her stunning self and some insights gleaned by those that knew and loved her...

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