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Fae on Friday – Flower Faerie

Summer Blooming

I made this flower faerie!

I made this flower faerie!

Fairies, arouse! Mix with your song Harplet and pipe, Thrilling and clear. Swarm on the boughs! Chant in a throng! Morning is ripe, Waiting to hear.

-William Allingham

Today’s Faerie is a summery flower faerie.  Now is the time to let your spirit blossom like summer flower.   (Perhaps you are in a wintry zone now- if so bring a summer feel to your heart.)   Wear something flowery or bright, gentleman this includes you!  Take some time to smell the flowers…



A couple suggestions for natural perfumes to wear in celebration (Thank goddess there are so many florals)

Visions in the Garden by Chicagoland’s Kindred Earth Botanicals.  Or Gracing the Dawn by Roxana Illuminated Perfume.

Flowers make Missy smile.

Flowers make Missy smile.

What’s your favorite summer flower?

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