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Fae on Friday – Flower Faerie

Summer Blooming

I made this flower faerie!

I made this flower faerie!

Fairies, arouse! Mix with your song Harplet and pipe, Thrilling and clear. Swarm on the boughs! Chant in a throng! Morning is ripe, Waiting to hear.

-William Allingham

Today’s Faerie is a summery flower faerie.  Now is the time to let your spirit blossom like summer flower.   (Perhaps you are in a wintry zone now- if so bring a summer feel to your heart.)   Wear something flowery or bright, gentleman this includes you!  Take some time to smell the flowers…



A couple suggestions for natural perfumes to wear in celebration (Thank goddess there are so many florals)

Flowers make Missy smile.

Flowers make Missy smile.

What’s your favorite summer flower?

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