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Fae on Friday – Berry Faerie


Flight of the Berry Fairies

Berry Fairies!


Flight of the Berry Fairies

I went out to the hazelwood, Because a fire was in my head, Cut and peeled a hazel wand, And hooked a berry to a thread; And when white moths were on the wing, And moth-like stars were flickering out, I dropped the berry in a stream And caught a little silver trout. 

When I had laid it on the floor  And gone to blow the fire aflame.  Something rustled on the floor.  And someone called me by my name: It had become a glimmering girl  With apple blossoms in her hair  Who called me by my name and ran  And vanished in the brightening air.


The fae of the berry want you to sip the sweetness of life through a cosmic straw.  Little treasure bombs to bring you joy and light you up.

Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Beret – (the kind you find in a second hand store.)(thanks Kiki!)

Did you know most berry scented perfumes are not natural?  But there are some delightful natural perfumes with fruity tones and luscious complexity.  Wear these perfumes and try not to eat yourself…

Stranger in a Cherry Grove by Thorn and Bloom is a woodsy smoky cherry mystery.

For something floral and fruity try Tamya, by Ayala Moriel (named for her autistic daughter, this perfume is a fundraiser with 100% profit going to her speech therapy fund).  Tamya also has an Etsy shop where she sells her paintings.  Check it out here.

For a sweet clean up Chicago’s own Abbey Brown Soap Artisan has a delicious Pear Up and a Mango soap.  Yum.



Missy goes all Prince


Partying like it’s 1999.

Dearest Reader, do you have a favorite fruity perfume or soap?

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