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What I Did On My Social Media Vacation


Some moons ago I took a couple weeks off of the blog and social media which turned into many moons more than two weeks worth.  Now even this update blog is many moons overdue.  Oops.  I have missed writing and dreaming stuff up here and interacting on the FB.  But I did get lots done.  Here is some of it.

I Opened an Etsy Store Called Lost Antiquities Found

No, it is not yet my perfume store…  Sigh.  But more on that in a sec.

This is a venture to find homes for many of the delightful plunders my parents curated during their extensive travels from the 1960’s though present.  I hope you have fun looking at these treasures.

You can check out the store by clicking here.  And read more about it by clicking here on this site.  And keep checking back cause I am still adding to it.

Here is a pic of my parents.  It’s one of their favorites.  And mine too.


Deb and Bob Stelton circa 1990’s

Here is my son’s room turned into an Etsy store while he is away at school.  Please buy it all so he will have a place to sleep during Thanksgiving break.


I am getting closer with the Verdant Faerie Scent Salon!

Totally cracked myself up staying up super late one night making a big shopping list of all the oils and absolutes I need to produce a bunch of bottles of magic juice.  That which made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself was the outrageous cost!  Ah well, keeping the faith.  It will manifest.

Introducing Soon –

The Faerie Elemental Series! 
Sylph - A Floriental suitable for flitting gracefully through the air
Dryad - A mossy fernlike Fougere for an expression of earthy wonder 
Fire Drake - A smokey spicy  Gourmand fragrance for quickening & warmth
Undine  - A quixotic blend: part Floral, part Marine-fresh, part Marine-seaweed yet all dreamy, emotional, and sensual

The Phantasmagoria Series! Trubadur - classic and refreshing Cologne with vetiver.Anam Cara - Floral with petitgrain on an earthy base. Hello My Goddess - sweet Citrus-Gourmand (named for my friend Indre Vepstas' store, Hello My Goddess.) 

I have noticed my creative tendency to replay and replay with blending before calling a blend finished, but I am getting there…

Bottles I have been looking at-




Magical Reads and Listens


The Living World of the Faery by Faery Faith teacher RJ Stewart, took me on a journey to the otherworld and I came back with two faerie beings.  One of them sprinkled blue glittery sparkles on the eyelids of my yoga student while I was doing energy healing on her!

Anam Cara means soul friend in Gaelic.  This book is a thing of shimmery poetics and earthly beauty.  Do read it.

Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm.  Just started…

Faerie Magazine  mmmmmmm.

I have been hot on the Celtic Druid Ancient History trail and found synchronicity in some lovely podcasts;

An interview with Edmund Marriage on Where Did The Road Go An interview with Laird Scranton on Where Did the Road Go The Celtic Myth Podshow and Druidcast

Delightful Distractions

I committed!   I am hoping to perform with some of these lovelies on silks at the Aloft Student Showcase in December.  Urp, yikes.


Zoe’s class at Aloft 2014

I Realized Something About Gratitude

When we feel gratitude we raise our own vibrations AND the vibrations of others.  And experiencing the feeling of gratitude is allowing yourself to feel the pleasure of those good things we are grateful for.  To feel pleasure is the expression of gratitude.  It is a celebration of the abundant beauty of life.

In the past I have sometimes wanted to be grateful or even felt I should be grateful, which externalized gratitude.  It put gratitude outside of me and almost made me feel guilty for not feeling gratitude without telling myself I should be feeling grateful!

But allowing myself to feel the pleasure, to let it well inside of me, is what I believe it’s really about.

Try it and tell me what you think.  Get still, take some nice deep breaths, close your eyes, and pick a single thing in your life that delights your being, hold it in your heart,  and let yourself feel into it.  Let the feeling grow and expand.  Revel in it, go orgasmic crazy with pleasure.  Take another deep breath and hold on to the feeling.  Open your eyes.  Is the world a little more sparkly and vivid?  Are you ready to go about your day a little lighter?

peace y’all

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