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Creating my Universe

Merry meet!

How do you find joy during these crazy times?

In this vlog we dip our toes into joy and transmutation of the psyche through water magic and my first distillation of mugwort with a copper alembic.

Also me cavorting woodside in a beautiful medieval ensemble with my lyre, and our sweet ol' puppy, Missy, at her favorite Michigan beach plus reflections on beauty.

I hope you enjoy!

Books featured:

Alchemists Handbook - Frater Albertus

Complete Idiot's Guide To Alchemy - Dennis William Hauck

The Emerald Tablet - Dennis William Hauck

Alchemy Rising - The Green Book - Heliophilus

Spagyris - Junius

Alchemy and Mysticism, The Hermetic Museum - Alexander Roob

All music from Epidemic Sound:

My Soul Delights - Bonnie Grace

City of Shiva - Banaras Baba & Kolkata Kid

By The Shimmering Lake - Many Moons Ago

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