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Summertide Atunement

"Each Fairy a breath of summer, as it blows with loveliness, inspires the blushing rose." ~Anonymous

Here's just a chatty little update blog. I feel chatty. :-)))

I have taken nearly the whole month of June for atunement. Aligning with what I love and checking in with my heart's desire. It has felt good and right, and as I reflect, surprisingly busy!

Here's some rambling highlights.

I've established an Angel Magick Praxis and a Green Book for Faerie Journeys.

I've indulged in scent whilst resting from the socials and doing some gentle food detoxes and fasts.

Connecting with the earth by planting my first garden -- a perfume demonstration garden and a faerie garden with plenty of local wildflowers and pollinators -- has been enlightening and I love the dirty nails look and feel. I'm Faerie pimping out the Mulberry tree in the backyard. (I'll get some good pics of this upcoming.) Oh, and a parade marched down the street in front of our bungalow. A delightful small town affair with a plethora of antique tractors. Happily, the marching band chose my front yard as their staging area. They were super sweet and shared their pizza.

In the perfumery I have been playing with three new oil based perfumes based on Tarot cards and experimented with enfleuraging peonies. I will have to plant more peonies to get a substantially scented pomade! I am gearing up for welcoming visitors to the perfumery, by appointment, for in depth sniffapaloozas.

Summer Solstice found me and a dear GF of many Solstices fashioning head crowns of Carnation and Mugwort and toasting with champagne. Goddess Honey Cake made with local honey and eggs mounded with Vanilla Rose Whipped Cream and Berries (okay, this is post cleanse ;-)) and Faerie card readings closed the day (thanks for the insights, Shining Ones!) .

My little furries loll about while I do the whatever's. Missy is getting up there in years. She's finally showing her age a bit, but hanging in there. Troy is an excellent gardening buddy.

It has been a beautiful rest peppered with creativity and house guests at the Faerie House.

I intend to spend the summer steeped in magic and journeys while delighting my senses in the present moment of summer's fleeting beauty, loving my beloveds, and working on a few new/re-release perfumes for fall and winter.

I'll share a few pics.

Happy Summer! Thank you for stopping by!

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