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Portraits in Scent – Bergamot

Here’s where I smell some perfumy stuff and jam on whom they’d be if they were a whom or a what.


Uplifiting and charming, you tickle me.  Like a mischievously cute faerie with a penchant to please.  Upbeat and fun, that feel good friend always so easy to be around.  I feel you in my chest, my lifted-chin-smiling-sunshine gaze.


Funny that your beautiful and sweet scent heralds from a small, inedible, unattractive type of lime.  Hmmm. yet somehow it makes sense that you are an Italian fruit – as in the Italian commedia dell’arte character, Arlequino.



You smell like green and fresh.


I confess I fell madly for you at 18…

in the (non-natural) perfume – Shalimar, by House of Guerlain.  You are often present and ever popular in many perfumes.  Yep, you are a sparkle note in the classic Eau de Cologne.

You are the dog that all the other dogs want to playfully chase.

You are sunshine with a touch of black pepper.

When you are a yoga pose, you are like my dear friend and yoga teacher, Tomoko Morganelli, in Dancer Pose.

Tomoko posed for me at 6:30 am! Look how she is laughing! Such a Bergamot type person.

Tomoko posed for me at 6:30 am! Look how she is laughing! Such a Bergamot type person.

And if you are a silks drop/trick you are like this drop performed by my silks teacher (and professional performer) Zoe Sheppard and my classmate Alicia Hauge.  (I got them right after an hour and a half of training, again, ridiculously early.  Both these amazing ladies are also super upbeat, playful, and fun.)  Click here to watch them casually pull off a one and a half.  Notice the lift at the beginning followed by the playful and exciting tumble.

It’s no wonder the lovely scent is a perfect compliment to the tea, Earl Grey.  Cuppa’ tea, love?   Twill lift your spirits and warm your heart…


Here I am buzzed on Earl Grey, studying perfumery, old skool, from a book…

FullSizeRender-3 copy


Bergamot, just thanks for being you.

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