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On Becoming


Invisioning Roses……. Eau de Parfum

On Becoming

A Nose, A Fae, A Free Ranger

While carefully packing up all by bottles and perfumery supplies.  I thought, “Who does this and likes it?”  It occurred to me, it is perhaps not the norm to give up a home and just start scooting around hither and thither with an 8 year old dog and more perfume supplies in a car trunk than clothing.  Dreaming to be an faerie perfumer and to live in beauty and enchantment.

But it’s me.  That’s who likes it. Me myself and I.

There’s no knowing how this story will end.

Yet, I have managed to finish my course of study at the Natural Perfumery Institute 


and I’m getting my beloved enchanted verdant faerie perfumes out there.  The verdant faerie Etsy store launches Monday and I’m exhibiting on Sunday, April 24th in Chicago at InVision.   Woohoo!

Meantime I contemplate.  I dream.  I invision.  I feel.

I feel how I feel when I perfume.  It connects me to self.  Rose today, right now, how about that?  Sandalwood and Fossilized Amber, tiny droplets escape air-born before the beaker captures.  They flitter inside me – yes like a faerie – how do I feel?  This perfume composition, Invisioning Roses, today it lingers on my wrist for 6 hours, transforming and enticing, langorous.  Yesterday it zipped keenly through me elven, quicksilver.  I feel how this feels.  It brings me now.

And, oh yes, I am on the road, here also finding beauty and kind supportive souls, uber kind friends.  This too brings me home to self.  Finding self on this nomadic perfumed faerie journey.

And sometimes there’s fear and panic.  Of course.  But my mermaid self dives into the pool of emotions, and here, also, I am.  I ground myself and I invision.

One day, maybe soon, I’ll settle down again.  Linger with some Brownies (the types of faeries who protect and help with home and hearth).  But for now I’m a free range faerie type.  And it’s mostly beautiful, and all me.

My wild faerie dream…

I hope you have a wild faerie dream too, dear Reader.  And that you find yourself Invisioning and outbeing that dream.

Here are some pics from my stay in Maryland!


Faerie Mist


Secret to the BEST  manhattan, shhh…


Lunch in Annapolis


Morning Walk




Smell Great – Name Unknown


Breathless, Literally


Lulu’s Free Range Faerie




Wondering if I should tincture this….




Wall Flower  (Shrinking Violet, TeeHee)


Touristy pic of the state capital, but there’s flowers!

Thank you for visiting here!  May you find beauty and Enchantment.

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