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I’m Going To The Forest To Live Off Wildflowers Now

This seems the only sensible thing to do at this point.

I will learn to make dandelion wine from it’s golden petals purified by bog water and sunshine. I will tincture the subtle power of violets and offer it to the moon with songs of the strange. Perhaps I will finally learn from the faeries how to survive by hovering delicately above the blossoms whilst absorbing their scent as food. Thereby never having to harm a single blossom…

My first forays have included civilized greens with violets and forsythia accompanied by butterfly pea blossom and lavender tea.

Here in the bouquet below are more edibles. Chickweed for pesto and mustard to bring wild yellow joy. More violets.

I have no idea if these flowers below are edible. If I eat them, will they make me a shaman? Or possibly put me to sleep until a frog kisses me awake and turns us into forest nobility? (I am just kidding about this of course. One should never eat wild things without knowing if they are poison or good without consulting a local green witch herbologist). I will learn.

But aren’t they beautiful companions?

More Violets please… Don’t rinse them. Have a little faith.

Will Missy like them? Faeries will put a spell, and yes she will.

Please let me know if you’ll be joining me for dinner! Bring your friends!

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