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I Can't Smell!

As many of you may know, I lost my sense of smell as a result of a certain illness that's been going around. And as you might imagine, researching smell recovery techniques has become a major preoccupation. I so want to share these tips and techniques in case it may help others suffering the same malady.

So I got this project idea of putting all my research into one video with show notes linking to all the experts I have discovered. And also adding smell recovery from a perfumer and faerie magician perspective.

Wow - making an informational video is hard!

Basically all I've got thus far is my furries creating distractions, some sweater changes, and words I made up.

So here's an entertaining video with some failed attempts at creating an informational video. And just a hint at what's to come if I ever get the actual project done.

Fun Music provided by Epidemic Sound:

Bulls by Mary Riddle

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