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Breaking the Smell (Spell)

In magik we use scent.

Sometimes to assist us into a liminal state. But also to create a conducive space for spirits and creatures we are calling. Sometimes the summoned will insist the summoner go take a bath and anoint with oils before they will make their appearance. Incense is of course in the mix. (Always spring for the real stuff). Resinous frankincense pip and delicately preserved rose petals on quality charcoal.

Good smells will welcome a creature at the beginning of a ritual. Conversely, bad smells will send them off.

Personally I haven't messed with the bad smells, because I don't call spirits I don't want hanging around. So the Angels and Faeries are welcome to stay. As are the good smells.

And just what would those bad smells be? I prefer not to imagine.

Recently I read a magik suggestion. Instead of casting spells, break them. What Ho! Brilliant!

What spells can we break? The possibilities are endlessly inviting. My mind went to spells we cast on ourselves. Shadows we dwell in. Thoughts and patterns that bind us. Make believe stories we cling to about our beingness. (I'm fat, I'm lazy, I suck, I'm poor, I'm lonely, etc.)

All the things that no longer serve us.

And so what about scent? Dare I imagine? Something rank enough to wake us and break it?

Maybe call it Goblin Noir.

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Is it like taking a ride on a fragrance?

Aug 19, 2021
Replying to

yes it is!

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