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Go On, Bogart The Solstice Light!

A solstice wish from NamasFae Yoga….

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

The Green Tara – Most dynamic Goddess of Compassion!  Right leg extended, signifying she can jump into action, left leg folded into contemplation.  A perfect integration between being and doing. Be love, do love.

May you find yourself loving you.  May you love you first among all things, in both action and contemplation.  May you soak up the returning light to the depths of your beautiful being and shine, shine , shine!  Step into the light, Baby!  For when you sparkle, so does the world.

Views of the studio…


A peek of the yoga room from behind the tree

FullSizeRender-2 copy.jpg

Our Funky Tea Salon


We practiced back there last summer!


Laughing and falling out of Ardha Chandrasana (Half-Moon Pose)

Jack Frost yoga 1.jpg

Using a friendly tree as a prop.

NamasFae The wild and beautiful faerie heart in me, honors the wild and beautiful faerie heart in you.


The light is returning…

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