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Fairy Oracle – Messages Of Guidance and Support!

Here is a lovely blog I just had to share! Enjoy!

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“You must try to have a positive attitude. It does not matter how small a person is. One can still change the future. Size is only a state of mind. You know – it is how you use your wits that counts. Nothing can stop us, if we put our hearts into it. Anything is achievable girls, anything at all!” ~ Nathalie M. Leblanc, Shrinking Forward

It’s no secret that I love Fairy Folk, nor that I have a very special friendship with a fairy called Sokli. (You can read more about Sokli here.) Fairies are often forgotten, as we look to the Angels, Guides and Spirit for help in our lives. Fairies like to provide support in practical ways. They encourage us to be kind to ourselves, each other and the earth. Sokli wants you to know that Fairies have their own wisdom, and are always…

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