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What if If all the chairs were gone from the cities? We’d all head out to the countryside and walk. Some of us would hike through dusty, red dessert terrain.  Others would walk the beach.  Large oak canopies would shelter some, and others would hack their way through thick, lush jungle vegetation. Things would smell good there.

Eventually we’d get tired and lay down on the earth.  This would feel especially nice.  Soaking up the earth energy.  Some of us would just lay there.  Or we might wave our arms in the air like a dance and use our hands like puppets to make silly plays.  The writers would roll on their stomachs and write.

Aerialists might get bored though and they’d have to hang trapeze and such from the trees where they would dangle from one toe in the air above the rest.  Gardeners would find little seedlings and attend to them.


With all this rolling around and hanging from trees and such we’d forget all about the money system and move to a barter system and the slave master federal reserve would simply vanish.

Poof!  There would be a small puff of pink smoke and it would be gone. People might barely notice.  Hooray!

Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Oh, a question for you, gentle reader- What color puff would you like to see the federal reserve bank vanish into?


Special thanks Laura Lippert for the images.  You should really check out her site here.  As well as the chair – she hangs by her hair!  And if you have a chance to see her live – Don’t miss it.

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