People Creature Series


Scent Profile

Vetiver, Bergamot & Mimosa, Incense


Trubadür was composed collaboratively with my world traveled Norwegian (hence, the spelling), musician friend who craved a natural version of Guerlain's Vetiver.  We started with Vetiver to create this light, dry, green & grassy composition.  The floral note is subtle, crisp, classic and the incense dry down extends the green Vetiver.


Imaginal Attributes

Timetravel, Harmonious Simplicity, Green


Life on the road.  A lyre on your back, sweet grass underfoot, and the air is filled with delicate spring blossoms, as you travel freely from town to town & village to village.  Delighting lords and ladies, tavern keepers, monks, and folks working the good earth, with your sprightly tunes and mournful ballads, life is pleasure.  Always a new adventure and a cup of mead to meet you.  Verily, life as a medieval troubadur is a good one.


I'm certain my dear friend and I wandered through many past lifetimes together, Medieval Europe, Mongolia, perhaps as Romani, always finding the most sacred and beautiful scents on a nomad path steeped in art, music, and magick.


The People Creature Series is a collection of scents custom composed for real humans but because of their belovedability, they begged to be shared.


Trubadur is formulated and blended by hand in Tinkerbell size batches by Doreen in the classical French perfumery method.  The composition measures between 8% - 12 % aroma materials to alcohol diluent by weight.



1 ml sample vial

5 ml splash glass bottle with black screw on cap

5 ml atomizer glass bottle with silver metal cap

8 ml atomizer glass bottle with silver metal cap


This Eau de Parfum wears light and sheer and close to the body. It will not overpower others nearby, merely enchant them. Longevity is 3-8 hours depending on skin type and activity. During that time the scent will open and transform.


Arrives tucked in a sachet bag filled with spanish moss, dried roses and a genuine Faerie.


For external use only.  Do not ingest


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  • Ingredients – A proprietary blend of all natural essential oils and absolutes in 190 proof, certified organic, grape alcohol.  Bergamot, Black Pepper, Frankincense, Mimosa, Vetiver.

    Contains no synthetic aroma chemical fragrance oils, phthalates, parabens, and never ever tested on our furry friends.  Vegan.