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Scent Profile

Citrus, Ylang Ylang & Jasmine, Ginger


Menehune's opening sparkles with bright citrus notes, Red Mandarin, and fast explodes into a wild, alluring Jasmine Sambac + Orange Blossom + Ylang Ylang melange that reflects the magic and vast heart that is Hawaii.  The floral timbre is warmly grounded in Ginger.  A visit to the islands in a bottle.


Imaginal Attributes

Uplifting, Exotic, Sweetheart


The Menehune are dwarfish folk of the Hawaiian Islands who hide deep in the forest  expertly constructing temples, roads, and canoes on the sly. They are Hawaii's beloved master craftsmen. I have had the pleasure of experiencing this magical land and the Menehune's earth works on several occasions.


The Hawaiian Islands are known as the heart chakra of the planet earth.  And I will affirm the Fae Menehune are the heart of the heart.  The Menehune bestoyed this scent formula upon me as a celebration of the lush, exotic florals that proliferate in their homeland.  I was informed they use this perfume in their most sacred rituals, from which they obtain their skills and magical abilities.  How they came to give me this recipe is a story for  a night laced with Lilykoi martinis ;-).


This perfumed oil goes on light and sheer yet is surprisingly rich. It wears intimately, close to the body, and will not overpower others nearby. Merely enchant them. Longevity is 3-8 hours depending on skin type and activity. During that time the scent will open and transform.


The perfume arrives tucked in a sachet bag filled with spanish moss, dried roses, and a genuine Faerie.


For external use only.  Do not ingest.


SKU: 0003
  • 10 ml of perfume in oil in a green frosted glass bottle with a roll-on applicator.  Also availble in a 1 ml sample size.

    Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil and a proprietary blend of of Ginger EO, Jasmine Sambac EO, Neroli EO, Red Mandarin EO, Orange Blossom ABS, Ylang Ylang EO

    No preservatives or synthetic fragrance oils.

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