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You found a Faerie!

Finally! My new website is here!

I hope you will have fun browsing around my passion project. It is both a Botanical Perfume shop and an Imaginarium.

In the shop you will find a selection of all natural and botanical perfumes composed and poured by me, Doreen - aka the Verdant Faerie. I hope you find something you love. <3

If you are not sure which perfume is for you, start with a few sample sizes! We offer 1 ml sample vials for all of our scents. Perfumes are a highly personal affair and I want you to find one that makes you feel extraordinary.

Are they for men or women? I believe we have moved passed gender limitations in the world of perfume. The spicy floral InVisioning Roses Eau de Parfum smells amazing on a male client who can't seem to get enough of it. Woodwose of Three Oaks Perfume in Oil (a traditionally masculine woodsy scent) is favored by several women I know. So let yourself be playful when choosing!

And what the blip is the Imaginarium? In short, it's a space for exploring states of being. The liminal, Fae, transcendent, earthy, luminous and ecstatic will be explored through, images, videos, guided meditation journeys, magick, and always the heart. This is a work in progress and we will see where it grows and goes.

If you have questions or just want to chit the chat don't hesitate to message me through the contact page here on this site or via email at

Thank you so much for visiting and enjoy this day!

Wonderment and beauty,


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