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Travel To The Faerie Underworld With Me

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Merry meet, my fine Fae friends.

I'm hoping this vlog entry will be a very special treat for you... a guided faerie journey!

I have lead many a live guided journey, but this is my first attempt at recording one. I still have lots of technical things to sort out. But I learned a few things, for example, put your computer in the refrigerator to stop the cooling fan hum. Pro tip! Pro tip! But this was fun and I am excited about doing more.

A bit about the underworld. (It's not hell).

In Faerie Faith we may consider the directions - north south east and west, as well as above and below, as lands with various types of Fae inhabitants. It was once believed that the Faerie moved into the hollow hills and to the underground where they could be free of the vexations of human kind. It is a sacred place where you may journey and safely explore.

Please remember to show your respect to the Fae and not eat any Faerie food!

If you have never done a guided journey like this before, I think you will find it relaxing, refreshing, and inspiring. It is a type of meditation, but with minimal effort on your part. The screen will go dark a bout one minute to minimize light distractions, and headphones are recommended.

So, find 15 minutes, sit or lay back, and journey to the Faerie underworld with me!

I'd adore hearing feedback about your experience.



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