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Smell Loss Recovery Four Ways

Hi friends!

Here is my comprehensive Smell Recovery techniques video. It reflects my unique perspective as a perfumer/yogini/Fae spirit.

I gathered this information together in sincere hopes that it may help people heal. If you are suffering a smelling disorder my heart goes out to you... May you recover fully with mind-blowing rapidity!

Please note - I am a NOT a doctor! Please consult with your preferred healer regarding therapies. I do not receive any financial compensation for sources shared.


00:00 Intro

00:39 Smell Training

09:55 Pep Talk

10:55 Supplements and Diet

16:17 Holistic Therapy

19:34 Spirit Stuff

Information and resources:

Smell Loss Explained and Support

Abscent (Support)

Falk Aromatherapy (Support)

Go Medica Solutions for Anosmia (Read)

Dr Matt and Dr Mike (Watch)

Ryan Rehl ENT MD (Watch)

Vik Veer ENT Surgeon (Watch)

Smell Training

Smell Training What Is It and How To (Watch)

Tisserand Institute - Smell Training and Clinical Studies (Read)

Make A Smell Training Kit (Watch)

Eden Botanicals (Trusted source for Essential Oils)

3 Minute Smell Training Video (Watch)

How to make an aromatherapy inhaler (Read)

How To’s

How to Nasal Rinse (Watch)

Intranasal Drop Application Method (Watch)

FLCCC Protocol (Read)

Yoga and Meditation (Watch)

Breathing And Vagal Nerve Reset (Watch and Guided)

Vagal nerve reset (Watch)

Wim Hof Method

Kapalabhati (Shining Skull Breath)

Nadi Shodana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breath)

Chandrabhedan Pranayama (Left Nostril Breath)

Uddiyana Bandha

Supplement and Herbal Resources

iHerb (Shop)

PureBulk (Shop)

Life Extension (Shop)

Intranasal Vitamin A in the USA - Retinyl palmitate , 5,000 IU, tocopherol, MCT (Shop)

Phoenix Aurelius Apothecary (Spagyric Oregano) (Shop)

Host Defense (Mushrooms) (Shop)

Ayurveda Herbal Steam (Watch)

Herbal Steam (Read)

Herbal Protocol Stephen Harrod Buhner

Dr Berg Supplement Information (Watch)

High Intensity Health (Watch)

Diet and Fasting

Dr Berg

Dr Mindy

Holistic Methods

Light Therapy Mini (Shop)

Guided Binaural Sound Healing (Listen)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Watch)

Emotion Code Technique (Read)

Cell Healing Sleep Hypnosis (Listen)

Cell Healing Affirmation (Listen)

Chiropractic Solution (Watch)

Bach Flower Remedies (Shop)

Candice Wu Somatic Healing

Gordon White Shamanic Healing

Last Mask Shamanic Healing

Spirit Stuff

Asclepius and Hygeia

Angel Raphael




Mary Magdalene

Green Tara

More Magic

Lovely Stores for magic oils and candles:

Lulu Belle’s


That stunning Rose Encens Perfume:

Velvet and Sweet Pea Perfumery

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