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Moon to Moon Reveries

How do you feel about the moon?

Do you contemplate the power of it? Do you think it's made of cheese? Do you blame it for your insomnia?

In the world of Faerie culture you may encounter the expression "Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon." Isn't that sweet? Charmingly embroidered on lavender stuffed mini pillows or painted on lawn banners for faerie houses, it reminds one to live a magickal and beautiful life.

Thought detour - isn't "Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon" a brilliant perfume inspiration? Hard to squeeze on a label though...

OK, back. I have been "loving by the moon" for a couple decades now by launching my heart inspired intentions on the new moon and releasing them on the full moon. Among the many methods to practice intention setting by the moon, my personal favorite is sigil making. (You can find a how-to on sigil making and sigil ceremony quite easily.) But intention setting needn't been complicated, if sigils are not your thing. When I don't have time for the complete magickal sigil ceremony, at the least I just think about, and feel them. Peer into your heart and uncover what it is your heart is longing for. Go deep, deeper, deepest. There it is! Your love by the moon intention.

On another note, my relationship with the lunar cycle hasn't always been easy. Forever insomnia prone, full moon nights could be wretched flair ups. There was even a time I avoided gazing upon the glorious full moon! But I'm happy to report, that it is improving. Mayhap a combination of a nightly bath, sleeping scents, CBD oil, and simply honoring the cycle.

Another happy practice I engage in is creating monthly art to recognize the cycle.

NEW MOON March 2021. Casting my new moon intentions

FULL MOON March 2021. Flying with the release of the intention.

The cape is a custom created piece by designer Indre Vepstas of Hello My Goddess. Isn't it divinely inspired? The pictures were taken by faeries, of course.

Do you celebrate the cycles of the moon? I'd love to know.

Thanks so much for joining me here. Enjoy this day!

Wonderment and beauty,


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