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In Memory Of My Father, Robert James Stelton

Dear friends, please celebrate this life with me…

On solstice night, two hours past the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century, My dearest father, Robert Stelton, transitioned from his physical body. His beloved wife, Doreen “Deb” Stelton, of 66 years, was at his side. He looked peaceful and beautiful when I saw him for the last time a several hours earlier.

Just after he passed I dreamed he became a star. A reversed shooting star ascending to join a host of shining ones in an indigo sky. He will be greatly missed but shines on in my heart and the hearts of those whose fortune led them to be touched by his rare light.

My love and gratitude for this man as the extraordinary inspiration and father he was are inexpressible and infinite.

Robert James Stelton 8.14.27 - 12.22.21

Devoted and loving family man. Home builder, carpenter, and fix-it guy. Nature and animal (especially cats) lover. Outdoorsman. Educator and Dean of Faculty (Morgan Park Academy). Multi-time (6?) Fulbright recipient. Loyal and reliable friend. A man of books and inquiry. Archeologist (central Illinois, Upper Mississippi Valley Archaeological research Foundation and Mucking, England, Chicago Archeological Society). History scholar. World adventure-traveler. Filmmaker/videographer and film buff. Writer. Classical and world music lover. Art enthusiast. Chef and foodie (curries, Mayan, and Czech traditional - yes, please). School bus driver and salesman at US Steel. Kind and thoughtful Czech gentleman and Dutch punster funster. Leo. Philosopher and ponderer of the great mysteries. Believed in faeries. An old school Renaissance man of the carpe diem variety who made the world a better place. ❤️‍🔥

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