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I don wings and get silly

I think it is entirely apropos a discussion of faerie time meant for July materializes in August, don't you?

After all, it is the middle road, a path described by Lee Morgan in the brilliant book, Sounds of Infinity, "an eternally unfolding paradox, a continual dance, an in and out breath..."

So, yes. I have indeed moved into faerie time, which cannot be defined in a linear, machine time way.

In this month's vlog we glimpse into summer in my neighborhood and yard, check out my faerie time BUJO calendar, discuss how we can be more like faeries with our perception, and at the end I don my wings and cavort around with a kohlrabi, my kitty in the corn field, and visit the local community garden.

I hope you love it and are yourself making time to get silly...

Gossamer hugs,


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I'm always amazed with your beautiful videos!

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