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Free Circus/Performance Idea


Here is an idea you can use for a performance.  Let me know if you use it and and I’ll help support and promote it!

Fancy Victorian Lady (a contortion piece with audience participation)

A women wanders on stage in Victorian dress. White lace and flowers abound. She is mumbling.

Center stage she removes her enormous hat. Table legs emerge/unfold from underneath. The top becomes a tea table. With a vase a teapot, cups and saucer, etc. Her skirt bustle opens out into a bench. She mumbles as she sets out tea for two.

She invites two members from the audience up for tea. (They need chairs.) She leaves and they have tea. From the audience she directs them in a complicated victorian conversation through movements and gestures. This is a thing!


 Maybe an overhead projection can be employed. For example – stir your tea vigorously to signify disapproval, more gently to signify approval. Maybe the couple hook up. They are dismissed with applause.

Victorian lady returns happily to her table and proceeds to have tea. A bug alights on the table. She is highly disturbed and begins to wriggle and writhe.

Her costume comes off in layers, shedding of skin and underneath is a bug like body suit. Pulsing music. This is the start of her contortion act.


Please feel free to comment or share your own idea!

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