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Lucky Leprechaun – Fae On Friday


Lotto Frenzy

A number so big I’d have to stop to think about how many 0’s.  The Powerball Lotto…

Word is that most people who win crazy big, loose it crazy fast, winding up in the same state as they started.   Mayhap in the landscape of their psyche they cannot except it as part of their reality, hence they never figure out what best to do with all that green.  Failing to fully perceive themselves as a truly abundant creature.

Wisdom of the Leprechaun reminds us to make use the windfalls we are given.  Perhaps monetary or perhaps they are gifts of love, friendship & family, creativity, time, health, nature…  Stop for a moment and name for yourself three  personal winnings, large or small.

How can you make the best use of the gifts you are given?  Right now!

And, if you are getting a ticket(s) – I wish you the luck of the Leprechaun.

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