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Firefly Forest – Overland Park, KS

On the gnome trail…

Firefly Forest is part of the Tomahawk Creek Trail located in Overland Park, Kansas, directly behind DeAnna Rose Farmstead.

The trail was the home to a series of miniature residences (so-called “Gnome Homes”) with American flags, mailboxes, miniature little doors, solar lighting, and tables and place settings inside the tiny abodes.

The Gnome Homes and a sign reading “Firefly Forest” first appeared on the Tomahawk Creek Trail in 2013. It is a mystery who began the enchanted attraction, but joggers, cyclists and hikers enjoyed seeing the tiny residences as they wandered through the wooded area. The addresses on the Gnome Homes indicated they resided on Hollow Tree Lane.

“You know, I think it’s bringing smiles and laughter to those who are finding out about it,” said Sean Reilly, spokesperson for Overland Park. “That’s exactly what we need sometimes in our lives is a little bit of happiness, joy and truly…

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