Experience fine artisan perfumes created in wee Tinkerbell size batches composed of natural, botanical, ethically sourced, furry friendly,  faerie approved materials.  Inspiration is found in mythic realms, the crystalline beauty of our earth, and the old ways.  After visiting the perfume offerings, please browse around the Imaginarium and Blog for ephemeral inspirations.

 Sparkle on!

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Eau de Parfum

Complex scent compositions 

celebrating fragrances from deep

woods and exotic florals to fantasy inspirations.  All natural Essential Oils, Absolutes and Tinctures aged in organic grape alcohol.


Perfume in Oil

An intimate collection of fragrances from fantastical to earthly.  Some simpler and some labyrinthine to suit the wearer's style. Botanical Essential Oils, Absolutes, and Tinctures suspended in organic fractionated coconut oil.

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Serums & Potions

Serums to soothe a siren or for Faerie glamoury.  A balm for a bearded beauty.  Wondrous scented sanitizers in soft yet effective Colloidal Silver. All natural, as the Faerie charge.

 Faerie Favorites

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Botanical & Imaginal Alchemy

Verdant Faerie was born in a liminal reverie...

 "I had only to bring ecstatic perfumes into the world, steeped in reverence of faerie story, the old ways, nature's beauty, and transformation.  To explore the liminal through invisible scents and imaginal realms. To experience earthly ephemera. To embody."

~ Doreen the Verdant Faerie

"I have gradually fallen in love with Verdant Faerie perfumes, and Doreen's creations have become part of my daily ritual.  I used to think I was not much of a scent lover, but it turns out that I just didn't like the commercial perfumes with their synthetic aftertaste.  I find VF perfumes to be luscious and inspiring and am so glad I discovered them!"

~Anna, Artist, Chicago, USA

"Five Shamrocks!  Cúig Sheamróg!"

-Molly, rope Walker, Clown, Fairy Queen, Nomad