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Faerie Festival Roundup 2018


Dust off your wings!  Faerie Festival season is here! 

First, here’s a little bit about faerie festivals.  Then the roundup of festivals I’ve been to, or want to go to, or want to go back to.

But first – Questions.

Just what is a faerie festival?

A bit of a hybrid festival, faerie fests are a little like a music fest, only more family friendly.  A little bit renaissance fair, only with faeries, and in any time period.  A bit steampunk and rainbow tribe.  Only with, faeries.  Expect music, dancing, activities, street performers, craft vendors and lots of creative expression.  Expect – you guessed it – faeries!

Are costumes required?

Nope!  Although, many folks do dress up in costumes though.  And you’ll have more fun!  All kinds of costumes are welcome- ren fair, pirate, steampunk.  Faerie costumes are very imaginative, have fun with it!

Is there food?

All the festivals have food, but some have more selection than others.  Check the website for each fest.  Bring water.

What about shopping?  Is there cool faerie stuff for sale?

Absolutely!  Bring cash!  Sometimes swipe devices don’t work so well in the woods.

Do people spend the weekend or the night?

Yes!  Most festivals have camping or bunk houses of some sort.  Recommended –  bring twinkly faerie lights and such to deck out your tent.  The camp ground and the after hours parties are where much of the fun happens.  Plus you make friends and get to hear impromptu music jams.  And many festivals have the best after hours dance parties ever.

Are pets welcome?

Mebbe. Again, check the websites of each fest.


If you can purchase ahead of time, do it.  Camping may fill up.


Here’s the Round-up

(Photographs are my own but not necessarily from each festival they are tucked under)

Spoutwood Farm 2018 May Day Faerie Festival

Friday May 4 – Sunday May 6

York County, PA (Near Baltimore)

A lovely long-standing faerie celebration – 27 years!   The last year at this sweet location as the festival has grown so!


Maryland Faerie Festival

Friday June 8 – Sunday June 10

Darlington, MD

A friendly and easy meeting of the faerie community with camping or rooms to let.  Don’t miss the Friday night drum and fire jam.

verdant faerie Blogs:

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Fairy and Human Relations Congress

Thursday June 21 – Sunday June 24

Twisp, WA

This is a meeting of faerie minds and consciousness.  Where you can go immerse and experience true faerie faith.  Seeds of healing…


New York Faerie Festival

Friday June 29 – Sunday July 1

Ouagaquaga, NY

Remote, wild, magic.  This festival is really out there in the woods with tremendous community, spirit, and magic.  A faerie queen on horseback and trolls thrill.  Do camp out…  It’s transcendent.

verdant faerie Blog:

New York Faerie Festival – A Missy Friendly Affair


Mountain Troll Festival

July 14  – July 17

Western Newfoundland, Canada

Costumes and ugly sticks will be available.


The World of Faeries

Saturday August 4 & Sunday August 5

South Elgin, IL

This little sweetheart of a fair is getting better (and sweeter) every year.


Faerieworlds Festival

Friday August 24 – Sunday August 26

North Plains, OR (Near Portland)

Glamorous, magical, sizable!  Music and a fantastic dance “floor.”  Camping is extensive the food trucks are amazing!


Virginia Faerie Festival

Friday September 1 – Sunday September 3

Stuart, VA

More east coast faerie fun because we cannot get enough.


FaerieCon 2018 International Faerie Convention

Friday November 9 – Sunday November 11

Delta Baltimore Hunt Valley

Indoors – Get your Faerie fix in the cold months!  Workshops and fantastic music and vendors.


A Faerie Poem

The following poem is by east coast photographer,  and faerie soul Cathleen Newberg.  I met Cathleen at Maryland Faerie Festival and she kindly responded to a verdant faerie newsletter with this inspired enchanted poem.  Enjoy!  Thanks, Cathleen for letting me share here!

I dreamed a dream
of pretty things
Of starlit nights
and Fairy Wings
Of dancing lightly
with feet bared
As if Gravity
no longer cared
My spirit soaring
no longer bound
Celestial  murmurings
such sweet sounds
Expanding, expanding
dreaming the dream
of starlit nights
and fairy wings

~ Cathleen Newberg

Know of any of faerie festivals not mentioned here?

Maybe I’ll glimpse you fluttering by…


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